Macaw Speech is a provider of telephony Speech Recognition Applications. Our unique Speech Applications Generator enables companies to create advanced VoiceXML Speech Applications without any knowledge of Speech Recognition techniques or technologies.

The Speech Applications Generator is an intuitive GUI-based toolkit used to design, develop, deploy and maintain any speech recognition application or IVR. Its purpose is to simplify and abstract the deployment of advanced speaker independent ASR, (Automated Speech Recognition), applications.

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Why Choose Speech Recognition?

  • Massively improved transaction rates over traditional touch tone IVR menus
  • Proven to increase customer satisfaction to the contact centre market
  • Reduces Call Waiting times, Time in Queue, Abandon Rates
  • Automates repetitive and non revenue generating tasks
  • Live agent talk-time reduced or eliminated for many tasks
  • Enables Brand maintenance from first point of contact
  • Provides Consistent friendly reception to Caller - no human mood-swings
  • Natural language and conversational dialogues
  • Reduced dependence on systems integrators for maintenance
  • Enhanced caller experience raising customer satisfaction

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Why Choose Macaw Speech Solutions?

We deliver

  • A Reusable toolkit of VoiceXML applications
  • Web based Customer Configuration Tool providing user-friendly Administrative Interfaces
  • Modular Application Design which allows rapid application Deployment
  • Applications available as Pre-built and Bespoke
  • Platform-independent applications built using Open Standard technology such as SIP and VoiceXML. This leads to reduced system integration and maintenance issues
  • 24/7/365 automated speech applications that are scaleable and cost-effective
  • Hiberno-English lexicons and phonetic dictionaries compiled by Macaw Speech

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